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These eco-friendly gels come in several formulas; this one is made with 100-percent pure olive oil, so it's super moisturizing and very effective for fighting frizz. The gel is thick without weighing hair down. It adds definition to your curls and provides strong hold for a twist-out. 5. Then work the Eco Styler gel though the smaller section and then two strand twist that section to the very end. Don't borrow hair from other sections! I know it's tempting, but not doing this really ensures that your twist out is very defined. 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have two strand twisted all of your hair. 7. Let hair air dry. The gel was lighter time. I put the content in a bigger sieve and used a spoon to spread it so that the gel can come out. How to use flax seed gel for twist outs. I applied the gel on my nearly dried hair. I then sealed it with olivecoconut oil mix and Shea butter. I did this in small sections before twisting my hair.

When I do twist outs on wet hair I do get the shrinkage but the twist out pattern will last for several days.Dry twist outs barely make it to the end of the day for me. Lotta body setting lotion is like the best kept secret for good twist outs and braid outs. It gives really nice hold without the crunch or greasy build up of gel, puddings or. One of the first protective styles I learned how to do on myself was two-strand twists courtesy of one of my roommates which was my go-to twist out method for years later to create loose curls. Twists or twist outs are quite common with naturals. Twists, twist outs, flat twist, and flat-twist outs are usually created on wet or dry hair. You take two equal sections of your hair, wrap one section around the other until you reach the ends, and twirl the end around their finger to ensure.

I have searched other blogs and lists to figure out what the best product for me, my hair and my wallet would be and here is the list I compiled in no certain order. All taken from the article: 5 Natural Hair Products to Achieve Your Best Twist Out []. Girl it’s only a year and half later but I’m finally getting around to doing the blog post to accompany my popular video on the best twist out ever for 4C natural hair. Please excuse my tardiness. I’m often asked about how I do my twists out, or how to get twist outs to look []. BGLH for articles on how to make stretched or straight styles last a while. Here are just a few: Ways to Make a Twist-out Last a Long Time How to Maintain Roller Sets and Twist-outs During a Humid Summer Ways to Make Straightened Hair []. My all time favorite natural hairstyle to sport is the twist out. Over time, it has taken some work to achieve optimum results. In order for my twist outs to be top-notch, I must have: It is important that my hair is clean and conditioned, so that my hair can have body, and properly absorb products. 07.06.2011 · Yep. It came out just like any other twist out. I know we talking about TO but as far as my BO are concerned, some of my favorite sets were done without using a "gel" like product. IMO, one key point is to let the hair "set" in the style. That means that the hair has to be wet first, then you let it.

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