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In the last decade, a number of "low-profile" ridge vents have come on the market. Unlike conventional metal ridge vents, the new vents can be shingled over so they are hardly visible against the rest of the roof. We chose to evaluate nine low-profile ridge vents, including Cobra Ridge Vent, Cor-A. VentSure® Corrugated Strip Low Profile Ridge Vents are shingle-over ridge vents offering exceptional ventilation— and an attractive, finished look for the roof. Combined with undereave soffit vents, this product allows the natural flow of outside air upward into the attic and back out again. What’s.

® Low Profile Slant Back Roof Vent with Exterior Louver. distribution of soffit and ridge vents cannot be achieved, one square foot of net free vent area should be provided for each 150 square feet of attic floor or area to be vented • For NFVA Sq. In.a balanced system, ventilation should be equal at the undereave and ridge • In cases where a balanced system cannot be achieved, always. MW-100™ Low Profile Ridge Ventilator Model MW100-25 2-½” Throat. This ten foot long low profile ridge vent provides 30 sq. inches of free area per lineal foot for ventilation and only rises 3” above the ridge. The MW100-25 comes standard with a 3.75” flange which equals a 16” overall coverage to fit more building applications.

Each 10'long low profile ridge ventilator yields 120 square inches or.83 square feet of free area ventilation space. Unrestricted throat with 12 sq. inches of free area per lineal foot. Adequate intake air to attic space or building is critical! Equal free area through soffit vents or end wall louvers is recommended. This creates an even flow. Unit moves toward the ridge on floating roofs, and vents are made to match roof slope and maintain a low-profile appearance. Construction. Factory assembled and ready for installation. Vents feature the Cor-A-Vent ®, a time-tested, economical, self-cleaning. It is functionablebut will look out of place with the rest of the nieghborhood. Lomanco does make a low profile plastic ridge vent9 and 12 inch, then shingle ridge cap shingles over it.

ProfileVent® is a single layer ridge vent on a roll. It is strong, durable, modified polyester, non-woven, non-wicking, fiber based matting designed specifically for metal roofs. We offer 50-foot rolls that are specifically cut to fit our corrugated metal roofing panel profiles. Prior to the new roof we had a standard profile ridge vent with less than an inch gap on either side of the center beam. The new extra wide gap in the wood roof seems good w/r/t airflow, but the low profile vent has a very small vertical gap for the air to squeeze out of. From my attic I cant even get a finger into the gap. It seems this small.

RCV-TMV Vent Material. This low profile, adhesive backed, black plastic corrugated vent material is ideal when a very low profile vented ridge is desired. The material gives 13 inches of free air space per lineal foot and can be used in conjunction with your current ridge cap and closure material. Built on proven technology since 1998, our specially designed equipment precisely cuts the panel profile into the surface. Working at optimum performance within varied roof pitches from 2:12 to 20:12, ProfileVent ridge vent is custom cut to fit the individual panel profile.

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